Laser Lipo Belt

Helps to improve and heal, the reduction of inflammation and enhance waist line reduction


$75 per session (1hr)

Sauna blanket

Help improves cellulite appearance, burn calories, detoxes marijuana and nicotine from the body. Sauna blankets also provides comfort to Sickacell patients as well as people with neurological muscular disease. Each 30 min session burns 1200-1500 calories . 20 mins session is equivalently running 10 miles in an hour.


$75 per session (1 hour)

RF Cavitation

RF Cavitation helps to shrink and melt fat cells. 3-6 Sessions are recommend to get the complete look you are seeking 


$109 per session

$250 package deal (3 sessions)

Skin Tightening

Skin Tighten uses radio frequency energy to heat skin with the purpose of stimulating cutaneous collagen and elastin, in order to reduces the appearance of fine lines and loose skin. 3-6 sessions are recommended to get the results you desire .


$109 per session

$250 package deal (3 sessions)


Liquid Fat Dissolver

The liquid fat dissolver is a all natural that kills fat cells. Results are seen within 7 days. Painless and no downtime. Additional treatments maybe recommended.


$200 per session (Stomach)

$290 per session (Stomach and Back)

06. Lucky fat burner

Burn unwanted fat and calories. Take 1 a day

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